Tips to Attract Men


You are divorced and think you are too old to attract men. Well, think again. Many women have found themselves where you are today. Do not despair, it is not hopeless. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life alone. The game is not over.

It’s been a while since you’ve entered the dating scene and it can be terrifying to enter this unchartered territory. You still have what it takes to attract men. We just need to freshen you up a bit.

Has anything that is worthwhile been easy to obtain in life? Surely not but to attract men worthy of you is worth the time and effort you must put into it. The hardest part is the self evaluation. We’re talking your hair, your body, your makeup, your clothes. To succeed you must be honest no matter how brutal. It is time to re-invent a new image for yourself. Get a new hairstyle and get a makeover at your local cosmetic counter and pay attention to what they do so you copy the look. Join a gym or start your own exercise program at home. When you are good to your body, you feel good all over and this feeling will help you to attract a desireable man.

What things in a relationship that you know you absolutely without a doubt can not live with? Maybe it is someone who smokes or someone that drinks or is a workaholic. Knowing these things ahead of time not only gives you confidence in the kind of man you wish to attract but helps you know which ones not to waste your time on. You can not leave love to chance, you must be a willing active participant. Take your «new you» to places where men will be that have interests similar to yours. Your goal is to attract men so you must put yourself in places and situations that will better your outcome. Being timid and shy may have worked in its day long ago but has no place in the arena today to attract men. Confidence goes a long way. Do what is necessary to give your self esteem an extra boost.

You are creative and intelligent and confident in who you are. This is the advantage you will need to attract men in a world where there are more single women than there are men. Now get out there and strut your stuff.

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