What Attracts Men to Women


Opposite attracts and the similar theory is applied to men and women. Men are understood as strong and intelligent creatures who are little weaker emotionally. For the same reason, emotionally stronger and sensible women attract men.

In today’s time, when there is no disparity with the gender, men get attracted to the pleasant looks, sensible approach, smiling face and positive body language. As these key attributes attract men, it becomes imperative for all women out there to be alert and attentive on this front.

Today’s generation men look forward to nice and amusing appearance.

It is absolutely necessary, as per the trends or traditional values, that all women should carry themselves with confidence and attitude. Be comfortable in what you wear and once you opt to wear then also consider the hair and accessories with the attire.

Attitude should be friendly and women should sound sensible. Men get enticed to sensible approach. They anticipate women as absolutely no-nonsense irrespective of what they are. This means that you should be sensible and listen to them. Appreciate and acknowledge what they have to say or going to say. Give complement as and when it is required. Be cautious about your body language as well. Talk softly and sensibly and this is no over expectation as these are certain basic musts in effective women’s personality. Your interests and likes & dislikes will reflect on your personality. Be pleasant and soft. Become confident and get acquainted with different pretty women at BongaCams.

Show the warmth and wickedness both but in the right proportion.

This creates a spark between the two and if gets connected, then both have a long way to go. Don’t argue on anything as argument can never prove a point. Sensible people only put the right things across at the right time. Disagree if required, however, change the topic. Anything done over the top has its own consequences. Don’t be too pushy or naughty beyond the limits.

Once you know the traits of men around you, it becomes easier for you to get them attracted towards you. Care is a basic element of a woman and is also appreciated and like by men. It creates the comfort between the two opposites.

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