What to Say – Art of Attracting Women


You can tell she’s interested in you. You feel – or at least look – relaxed and confident. You walk up to her, say hello, and – then what? If she’s very interested in you, it won’t really matter what you say.

You could tell her she looks like she’s been hit with a pretty stick or ask her if it hurt when she fell out of heaven, and she’ll think it’s cute. But, if she’s still debating whether or not she’d actually go out with you, cheesy pickup lines will turn her off.

So what should you say that won’t make you sound like a creep or an idiot?

There’s always honesty. You can say you noticed her as soon as you walked in and wanted to talk to her, or that as soon as you saw her you knew that you wanted to meet her.

Just don’t take honesty too far. If you’ve been fantasizing about her for the last thirty minutes, she doesn’t need to know that. If plain honesty leads you to a dead end, you can try saying something neutral.

You can comment on how crowded (or not) the place where you meet is, or about the food or drinks served, or even about gas prices or the weather, if the weather is actually doing something interesting (like an incoming blizzard).

You might also give her a compliment. Beautiful women are used to compliments, though, so use them with care. Just blurting out that she’s beautiful doesn’t tell her anything new.

Try to mention something she might not have heard before that isn’t directly related to beauty. You want to notice something deeper than the obvious about her, so that she’ll also want to notice something deeper about you.

Ten compliments she probably hasn’t heard before:

  • You’re very graceful.
  • Your face is very expressive.
  • I can see you have excellent taste.
  • You have an irresistible smile
  • Your voice is very attractive.
  • Your hands are so delicate.
  • You’re very honest. I respect that.
  • You’re the most interesting person I’ve ever met.
  • Meeting you has made my day.

When she doesn’t feel pressured to go out with you, she’s much more likely to choose to go out with you. And when she feels that you’re paying attention to her as a person rather than focusing on her looks, she’s more likely to want to get to know you as well.

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